At the age of five I started painting and I am still at it some eight decades later! I am thankful that I have been able to make my way doing what I love the most. Much of my college training was in design and semi-abstract directions. I then came to the Cape in 1951 to study portraiture with Jerry Farnsworth. Here I met Edward Hopper, Edwin Dickinson, and Hans Hoffman. This exposure and training, along with teaching the visual arts, set me on the path to make my living as an artist.  I have worked as a portrait artist in Provincetown -maintaining a studio at the former Harlequin Shop- and been honored to have many One-Man-Shows in galleries around the country. The latest exhibition of my paintings was my 40th One-Man-Show.


            I feel that my life and work has been enriched by sixty years living on Cold Storage Beach in North Truro Cape Cod Massachussetts (spending the colder months at my home in Winter Park, Florida). Broad interests, education, and background have allowed me to feel at home with a variety of subjects and techniques. Portraits, abstracts, landscapes, still life, and sculpture are all my friends. If there is a message in the body of my work I hope it conveys my love for the subjects that I paint and that each work combines line, color and form to project a sense of tranquility and respect for it’s subject.